Co-Washing Extensions

Notes: Always co wash your hair before installing. Please use conditioner when co washing not shampoo,as shampoo is used to clean the hair from product build-up and will not hydrate or moisturize the hair like conditioner will. When combing hair while co washing use a wide tooth comb and let air dry.

Glory hair care tips: 

  • Seal your wefts to prevent shedding before installation

  • Do not cut the wefts. Most stylist use the flip over method when sewing the hair

  • Keep your hands out of your hair. When you constantly run your fingers through your hair it causes damage to the hair. (Make wide tooth combs your best friend)

  • Stay away from hair products that are greasy

  • Wrap hair before you go to bed with a satin scarf . It protects the  beautiful style you have and prevents drying the hair out 

  • Keep excessive use of heat to a minimum. Always use a heat protectant before applying heat

  • Heat is not always needed when curling hair. You can aslo use flexi rods to achieve beautiful curls.​

  • I would suggest shampooing the hair every 2-3 weeks. 

  • Note:There is no way to prevent shedding ,our natural hair sheds so no matter where you purchase your extensions from LIGHT Shedding is normal.

* Please take care of your GLORY !*